Terms and conditions

Mattshoes di Fiordaliso Srl, p.iva 04389620271, cf. 04389620271, with registered office in the Quartiere dell’Industria I Strada 27A, 30032 Fiesso – VE – info@mattshoes.it
Customer service: commerciale@mattshoes.it

1. Object These General Sales Conditions (hereinafter “General Conditions”) govern the distance purchase (online sale) of products and services promoted on the Mattshoes.it Site (the “Site”), managed by Fiordaliso s.r.l. with headquarters in the Industry District I Strada 27A, 30032 Fiesso d’Artico, C.F. and P.I. 04,389,620,271.
All products made available to users are shown on the website homepage and / or within the various web pages of the site.

Fiordaliso Srl may change the General Conditions without prior notice. These changes will be effective as of the date of their publication on the Site. Purchase orders sent to Mattshoes.it before the publication of the General Sales Conditions (https://www.mattshoes.it/condizioni-di-vendita) of the aforementioned changes, the General Conditions in force at the time of conclusion of the sales contract will be applied.
For any questions regarding the General Conditions, please contact our Customer Service commerciale@Mattshoes.it
Fiordaliso Srl invites each user to carefully read these General Terms and Conditions of Sale of Mattshoes products, before making any purchase.
By accessing the Website, the user accepts without reservation the conditions of use of the Site (https://www.mattshoes.it/) and undertakes to respect them.

2. Procedure for the conclusion of the sales contract and Order
The publication on the Products Site constitutes an invitation to users to make a purchase. Each Order sent by the Customer integrates a contractual proposal (the “Order”) and is conditional on the specific acceptance of these General Conditions. After receiving the Order, Mattshoes.it automatically sends the Customer an e-mail confirming receipt containing the details of the Order and all the data relating to the purchase or the type of products and / or services requested and the related costs, as well as the personal data and contact details of the Customer. All orders are subject to confirmation by Mattshoes.it that will provide a notification of confirmation of the Order as soon as possible. The sales contract between the Customer and Fiordaliso Srl will only be finalized when the Customer’s Order is accepted by Fiordaliso Srl (the “Sales Contract”).
The status of each Order can be viewed by the Customer registered on the Site in the private area or through the links in the Mattshoes.it acceptance email.
For any information regarding the Orders, the Customer can send an email to commerciale@Mattshoes.it

3. Cancellation of the Order
Fiordaliso Srl reserves the right to cancel any Product Purchase Order, at its discretion, regardless of whether or not it is charged to the Customer’s credit card, in the event that: a material error regarding the price or the Products occurred at time of publication on the Site, or in case the requested Product is no longer available. If the Order is canceled after payment is made, Fiordaliso Srl will take the necessary measures to re-credit the Customer with the same amount of the amount already paid (or he may contact the Customer to receive information for this purpose).

4. Prices and availability
The prices of the Products, any shipping costs and the payment terms applied are those indicated on the Website at the time of the online Order. Prices shown are inclusive of VAT. The prices shown on the Site are subject to possible variations and / or modifications without prior notice to the Customer. Sales contracts concluded prior to the publication of the aforementioned changes, but still in progress, will be subject to the prices in force at the time Fiordaliso Srl receives the Customer’s Order.

5. Methods of Payment and Billing
Customers can make payments for online purchases by credit / debit card, with PayPal and by bank transfer in advance. Upon completion of the Order, the Customer is required to indicate the chosen payment method. Fiordaliso Srl reserves the right to introduce other systems to allow further payment methods to its future customers.
Fiordaliso Srl uses secure payment protocols to safeguard customer privacy. If the Customer decides to proceed with the purchase of the Products with payment of the price by credit / debit card or PayPal, the total amount due for the Contract of Sale will be charged upon completion of the contract as indicated in point 2.4. Payment through PayPal will be made by redirecting to the PayPal site, where they can be perfected

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