Matt was born in 2013 from the creative spirit of Stefano Berti, a designer who began to look out into the world of fashion, with the desire to offer something that did not yet exist in the market.

Matt is the first Brand to offer sneakers with unlimited customization, starting from the base of the proposed sample collection, our goal is to let the client participate in the design phase of their Matt sneaker, in order to give free rein to their creativity.

The Sneaker Matt must make my customers fall in love with the visual aspect and then move on to the convenience of it, an aspect that many companies take for granted but which for me is vital.

The innovative style, the research of materials and the artisan production totally made in Fiesso d’Artico in the province of Venice, are the principles on which Matt is founded. di Fiordaliso S.r.l., p.iva 04389620271 - Quartiere dell’Industria I Strada 27A, 30032 Fiesso – Italia