If you try them, you don’t change them anymore.

The Matt Shoes are a unique product. Their aesthetic beauty attracts you, their comfort keeps you glued.

The Matt Shoes are perfect for those looking for a pair of shoes that differs from the rest of the crowd. The possibility of customization gives you the opportunity to create your shoes based on your character and your feelings. You are the author and the artist of your shoe. For example, I chose a sneaker in blue leather, embellished by the yellow fluo touch on the back.

The perception of comfort is testified by the reality of the concrete experience: the Matt Shoes seem and are comfortable.

When you wear Matt Shoes, you realize you are wearing an innovative product. The brand is young and smart: it has an unparalleled visual strength and is developing a new intelligent way of communicating and relating to the customer (social media, e-commerce …).

I’ve been wearing Matt Shoes for over a year. After trying them, I couldn’t change them anymore: it’s the detail that doesn’t go unnoticed, that the difference.


Mattshoes.it di Fiordaliso S.r.l., p.iva 04389620271 - Quartiere dell’Industria I Strada 27A, 30032 Fiesso – Italia